Empowering small to mid-sized non-profits with proven digital marketing growth strategies


Get the clarity you need to improve your impact

Unlock Your Nonprofit’s Full Potential in Just 90 Days: Achieve Clarity, Alignment, and Sustainable Impact with My Comprehensive Project Roadmap!

By the end of this engagement, you will have:

A comprehensive roadmap document, outlining the key objectives, initiatives, timeline, and resources required to achieve the goals.

Price: $550

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Give me one hour with your stakeholders & I will find your best metrics, how to calculate, and who will deliver which metric. You will be able to demonstrate the REAL impact you are making in your community within 15 days!!

By the end of this engagement, you will have:

A comprehensive Blueprint document with:

  • The exact measurements that makes sense for your non-profit
  • Procedures for calculating each measure
  • Which position is responsible for tracking
  • How often to update measurements for marketing purposes
  • How you will use the measurements in marketing
  • Frequency of reporting


Price: $2,000

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Feeling disconnected from the community you serve? Let my Marketing Messaging Clarity Blueprint realign your voice, reigniting the emotional bonds that inspire generosity and propel your mission forward within just 30 days.

By the end of this engagement, you will have:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your existing messaging consistency and alignment across all marketing platforms (website, social media, email)
  • Identification of gaps, opportunities, and areas for improvements in your overall messaging strategy
  • Recommendations for strengthening the non-profit’s voice, tone, and storytelling approach


Price: $3,000

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Instill an uplifting sense of gratitude and appreciation in your supporters by shining a light on the ripple effects of their generosity, empowering them to celebrate their role as changemakers within three months of your event.

By the end of this engagement, you will have:

  • A concise overview of the event’s background, objectives, and target audience
  • A detailed description of the desired storytelling approach, including the tone, style, and key narrative elements
  • List of specific creative requirements and deliverables
  • Timeline, budget, and resource requirements for the storytelling content production
  • Clearly defined success metrics and approval workflow for the storytelling content


Price: $8,000

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Never struggle with donor engagement again. I will analyze your current process & tailor strategies that reignite your donor relationships, inspire increased giving from current supporters, and empower you to continually attract new champions for your cause within 30 days.

By the end of this engagement, you will have:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your existing donor strategy
  • A few easy actions for quick results
  • Actionable plans for long-term results

Price: $10,000

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By the end of this engagement, you will have:

Raw footage, photos, and live social media posts captured during the event itself by the production team, provide authentic, engaging glimpses into the experience.


Price: $895


So, what does this partnership mean for you?

> Increased community awareness

> Increased sales

> Increased traffic to your website and/or physical location

> A workable marketing strategy

> And a more cohesive messaging across all platforms

I can make your goals a reality with proven marketing strategies.

Rest assured that every strategy will bring ethical results.


Why Choose My Services?

Small and mid-sized non-profits need digital marketing strategies like any other industry. Many non-profits view digital marketing as a tool that they shouldn't use. Also the marketing tactics of freelancers don't fit with your ethics.

I have worked in the Christian community for over 50 years. I have:

  • Volunteered
  • Served on the Board of Directors of non-profits
  • Donated my services as a digital marketer to ministries
  • Served in many different functions at my local church, right now as the pianist

I understand what is important to you.

I develop digital marketing strategies, with a belief-based emphasis. It will spread both your message and God’s message.

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