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Pursue those few things where you are amazingly better than others and that you enjoy most.

Whether you’re marketing to donors, sponsors, clients or other audiences…

my SEO and web marketing services deliver content that WORKS.

Today’s content marketing choices can be overwhelming, causing Christian business owners to ask —

What’s the most effective marketing approach for us?

Let me help you determine which services are best for you right now.

To support your Christian marketing strategies, my services fall into several categories.

I offer several aspects of effective Christian SEO, web content, and online marketing message clarity.

If you’re looking for a skilled Christian copywriter now…

Here’s how our Christian Content Marketing Services help your business to grow :

  • your web page text

  • use of SEO keywords

  • pinpoint areas to boost results

  • And recommend a content strategy with ideas to improve web traffic and conversion rates

  • Web Content Writing — Including Monthly Packages — by a me a AWAI Certified copywriter! I’m an expert at carefully crafting customer-focused web page text that sets your business apart and delivers results. The key to success today is delivering fresh, original content regularly. Ideally every month. I use messages and keywords to help make sure prospects are finding your site in Google searches AND turning into customers for you.
  • Christian and Industry-related Emails and Enewsletters —Email marketing is still wildly popular. It’s fairly inexpensive and people DO respond. 91% of businesses use email marketing, and 78% say such efforts are effective. Discover how to harness the “loyalty power” of marketing to your clients and prospects through emails and enewsletters.
  • Case Studies and Testimonials to Attract Client/Donor/Industry Leads —Case Studies are the best ways to showcase the benefits of your products or services. Seeing a real-world success story resonates with the reader. It verifies how good you really are. Case Studies include compelling before/after snapshots of the customer’s life. They also include testimonials and statistics (if needed) and more.

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American Writers & Artists Institute Circle of Success Member