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Welcome to Moody Rogers Web Content! I’m Carla.

I provide high-quality digital copy and consulting for organizations and individuals within the Christian Industry.

You have great visions for your business growth but get overwhelmed with the details of how to get there.

I get it. Being overwhelmed will paralyze your marketing efforts before you get started.

You need a digital marketing expert. That’s what I do! I fill the gap between your need and actual results.

Select one of the following choices to get started!

So, what does this partnership mean for you?

Increased community awareness

  • Increased sales
  • Increased traffic to your website and/or physical location
  • A new manageable marketing strategy
  • And an optimized website

I can make your dream a reality with proven copywriting techniques. I use thorough research to create your unique flawless copy.

Rest assured that every marketing piece I write for you will bring ethical results. I have extensive American Writers & Artist Institute (AWAI) training in several disciplines. They are the copywriting training leader.

Customized Packages

Sometimes you need a more customized approach. One that we come up with together to make your dream a reality. Together, we determine a customized marketing plan for you. Then you can decide what type of action you will need from me and how often.

Why Choose My Services?

Churches, ministries, non-profits, and Christian businesses all need copywriting like any other industry. Many Christian businesses view digital marketing as a tool that they shouldn't use. Many times the marketing tactics of other companies don't fit with your good ethics. And their tactics definitely show they don't understand your faith.

I have worked in the Christian community for over 50 years. I have:

  • Volunteered
  • Served on the Board of Directors of non-profits
  • Donated my services as a digital marketer to ministries
  • Served in many different functions at my local church, right now as the pianist

I understand what is important to you.

I can develop informational and marketing materials, with a belief-based emphasis. It will spread both your message and God’s message.

Copywriting for the Christian Industry

Make sure that your marketing is up to par with solid (and ethical) marketing materials.

Double-check that your website is efficient with a Site Web Content Audit.

Having a Web Content Audit will ensure:

  • That you have a user-friendly website
  • It will guide customers to the checkout page naturally and prevent abandoned carts
  • A blueprint to revamp your website copy for flawless search-engine optimization (SEO)
  • Clear, compelling language that promotes your products and your company as a whole

Other tools I use that are ethically used for Christian marketing are:

I’ll help you identify your audience’s wants and needs. And write copy that positions your company as the solution.

Site Audits

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to share your ministry or service due to a cluttered or confusing website. Find out how user-friendly your website is with a site audit. I’ll go through a 21-point usability and content checklist and let you know what needs work from your content strength all the way to your site navigation.

Website Content

Not sure what to say? Let me create clear, SEO-rich content for your website that shares all your essential information and helps your organization show up on search engines. I can develop everything from your home page down to product descriptions.

Blogs are also an integral piece of the SEO puzzle. Consider how many times you were convinced to buy something because of reading a blog.

Let me help.

Case Studies

I create documents showcasing the benefits of your products or services through real-world success stories including compelling before/after “snapshots,” customer testimonials, statistics (if applicable) and more.

Consider how authentic customer success stories will set you apart from the competition, by creating social proof.


If you have a mailing list for your Christian business, don’t waste this valuable sales and fundraising avenue! I’ll create email blasts highlighting exclusive sales, special product lines, donation opportunities, and more!

Have you made new changes to your location or products this month? Do you have exciting news to share with your community? Get it out to them through a detailed newsletter! I’ll highlight all the wonderful things your organization is doing and use it as an avenue to promote more visits or sales in the year to come. Can be done on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Not sure how to use Social Media to promote your business? I am a trained social media copywriter who creates ethical content that will engage followers, increase your followers, and educate your community.

Start using this most cost-effective tool in your marketing toolkit!

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